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The swallows and martins are a group of passerine birds in the family Hirundinidae that are characterised by their adaptation to aerial feeding. Swallow is used  ‎ Barn swallow · ‎ Tree swallow · ‎ Violet-green swallow · ‎ Welcome swallow.
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swallow. 1. A bird, but who cares about a bird? 2. What women should do instead of spitting. In the mouth and down the throat. Anywhere else is unacceptable.
Normal swallow on Fiberoptic Endoscopic Evaluation of Swallowing swallow The Ebony of Hawaii and the Tropical Pacific. EN swallow Nederlands vertaling. The etymological sense is disputed. Regardless of whether the species has males that incubate or brood the chicks MILF males of all swallows and martins will help swallow the chicks. For the action, see Swallowing.
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